Drug dependency and addiction expert David Nutt declared in a BBC interview that if only every smoker switches to electronic cigarettes then there would be no more smoking problem. He hailed electronic cigarettes that the latest medical miracle since the vaccine.

Nutt, who got the ire of authorities for his alternative stand on addiction, is now supporting the fact that electronic cigarettes can help save millions of lives. His approach to electronic cigarettes should be the model of countries around the world. Most of the countries are favoring for more regulation and even banning the devices that are much vilified just like their conventional counterparts.

There is a division among health experts on the health benefits and the impact of electronic cigarettes. About six million people die each year from smoking and about a billion have died from smoking in the 20th century. Each year about 400,000 Americans die from smoking and it is not going to change soon. Each day, about 3,000 new smokers are taking up the habit. It would take a miracle for the government to achieve its goal to push down the population of American smokers down to 12 percent from the current 18 percent by the end this decade.

A citywide indoor ban on vaping has taken effect in key cities in America. The European Parliament voted to ban extra-strength electronic cigarettes. Proposal for tighter control and advertising bans on electronic cigarettes are pushed by anti-vaping groups. The Food and Drug Administration is being pressured to put its foot down and grip electronic cigarettes by the neck.

Most of the fears of those against vaping is about the revival of smoking. They are not looking at the overwhelming fact that vapes can help smokers quit. Data shows that smokers are able to quit with the help of electronic cigarettes. The problem is that there is no large-scale and long-term study that will unfurl the huge benefits that electronic cigarettes can provide. They just dismiss all of these data and cast a grim picture on vapes as if it is not helping to stop tobacco.

Electronic cigarettes were invented to specifically target one industry, Big Tobacco. The problem with anti-vaping people are not keen to recognize the contributions of vapes in helping smokers quit. Rather they are on the offensive and somewhat took a puritan stand on anti-smoking. It is quitting or none at all, they seem to say.

They don’t like electronic cigarettes one bit to the point they are not afraid to spread lies and rumors. They are out to destroy the credibility of vapes, which has been barely established. They fear that electronic cigarettes may once again glorify smoking and thus smokers are forever imprisoned in their own addiction to nicotine.

The problem with the lies that are being spread is that there is no basis for their accusations. Available data prove that there is no basis for their apprehensions about electronic cigarettes. The vaping industry accepts any kind of regulation that will ensure only smokers trying to quit will get their hands on vaping. But, regulations should not stifle the growth and the potential to help.

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By now you have heard about electronic cigarettes. It has become so popular that you are likely to see people vaping in some public places. But that is about to change. Some people are pushing to remove vaping in public places. This is a way, according to them, to insulate nonsmokers from potential danger and to remove any moves to re-ignite the allure of smoking especially among the young folks. But, it can also work against the vapers that have been helped tremendously on their addiction to tobacco. The ban could make it harder for smokers to shift to vaping and get a better deal for their health.

The hysteria against electronic cigarettes have reached epic proportions. The hysteria has reached to the point that lies are being spread against electronic cigarettes. While there are legitimate concerns about a new technology—it is not a license to spread rumors and baseless accusations. It is high time to set the record straight by telling all and sundry the real nature of electronic cigarettes based on the best available data that the world has.

Vapes are not trying to market to young people
Contrary to what anti-vaping people want to us to believe, vape makers are not trying to market to young people. In fact, the industry is supporting the move to disallow minors from buying vapes. The flavors of vapes are attributes that would make vaping acceptable. It is not in any way use to entice young people to vape. The real purpose of having flavors is all about personal preference. Flavors are produced in order to give vapers a choice especially those who don’t want the taste and smell of tobacco. If flavors are the key to marketing to children then we should also ban flavored beers. Flavored beers are plenty especially in Europe. If the logic follows this then all for-adults products are equally guilty.

Vapes are for smokers and not for nonsmokers
It is clear that electronic cigarettes are marketed as a way for smokers to get a better deal with their smoking habit. It is no way will be used to entice nonsmokers or young people to get involved with an addictive substance such as nicotine. It is more likely for a smoker to use electronic cigarette because of the harm-reduction and the lowered dose of nicotine. It would be illogical for nonsmokers to pick electronic cigarettes that may not have the flavor and the strength that will satisfactory. There have been talk that electronic cigarettes may become a gateway to tobacco. The study often cited by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention show that there is indeed an increase in vaping among young people. The CDC failed to recognize is the fact that most of the vape users are dual smokers. They have been smoking conventional cigarettes prior to the use of electronic cigarettes.

Vapes’ vapor is not dangerous
Available data are showing that the vapor that comes out from an electronic cigarette is less harmful compared to tobacco smoke. The vapor do not have the chemicals that is contained in tobacco smoke that can cause health problems. The vapor do not have the likes of benzene, carbon monoxide and formaldehyde together with at least 60 known carcinogens. In an unscientific study, several brands of electronic cigarettes were tested and some of the chemicals in the smoke are beneficial to the health.

Vapes do not contain anti-freeze
Perhaps the most damning tirade against vapes came from a study made by the Food and Drug Administration showing that vapes contain some anti-freeze. The fact that has been withheld from the public is that when a re-test was done the offending chemicals were gone. Clearly there was a glitch in the initial test somewhere. The test proves to be inconclusive since the chemicals in question was not produced in the subsequent tests.

There have been lots of talk against electronic cigarettes. It is important that people know which are real and the ones that are fake. Smokers depend on something that can help them overcome the addiction. If the answer is the use of vapes then why not let them use it? It could well save millions of lives.

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It is not known to a lot of people, but there is this study published in the journal of the Society for the Study of Addiction. The article envisioned a world where there is a device that mimics smoking but minimizes the health risks. The nicotine replacement device uses heat to boil a liquid form of nicotine. This way, the article said, would remove the tar, carbon monoxide and other chemicals that make smoking harmful to the body. Developing the device, the article said, would eventually replace tobacco and would have a great impact. This is a public health concernlasting into the 21st century.

Sounds familiar? It is.The article is describing the then unknown device that we all know today as electronic cigarettes.

A few years ago early vapers were trying out desperately a new technology purportedly can help smokers quit smoking. Most of the smokers then smoked about 25 cigarettes per day or about more than a pack per day. The smokers tried everything including throwing the kitchen sink just to get out of the addiction, but to no avail. They tried using electronic cigarettes and they swear that they have not smoked a conventional cigarette ever since.

Health advocates are particularly observant about electronic cigarettes. It is not about how vapes can deliver the nicotine without the thousands of chemicals that are in tobacco. It is all about the health risks posed by vapes are largely unsubstantiated and unproven. They say much about vapes are unknown and thus avoided lest be stung again like the tobacco experience back in the day.

The good thing going for electronic cigarettes is the ability to mimic the smoking experience of a regular cigarette. Unlike other nicotine-replacement devices approved by the government—electronic cigarettes feel the same, look the same and even can smell the same as the regular one.

Electronic cigarettes have not been approved as a smoking-cessation device. There is simply not enough evidence to support such claim. Smokers attest that they are able to lower their exposure to regular cigarettes as a result of their vape usage. That alone, some says, is an achievement and could lead towards finally becoming smoke-free.

Electronic cigarettes by far are the best alternatives to tobacco. It must be encouraged but never marketed to young people and nonsmokers. There are vapes designed for people that have yet to smoke and these contain no nicotine.

The bulk of the problem that health advocates have with electronic cigarettes is the lack of regulation. It is a virtual Wild West as far as electronic cigarettes are concerned. The lack of regulation opens up things to manufacturers to do whatever they want. There is no regulatory body that monitors how healthy is the products and if the manufacturers comply with safety and health standards. This is about to change as the Food and Drug Administration is about to implement regulations to finally end all apprehensions that anti-smoking advocates have.

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Electronic cigarettes also known as e-cigs have been revolutionizing the rather traditional form of tobacco smoking cigarettes. It has affluently reduced the ingestion of combustive gases which posed health risk threats to both the smoker and individuals around the smoker while smoking.

E-cigs has been storming the shopping malls and online shopping carts and is seen to leverage addicted tobacco smokers to either reducing or eliminating their smoking habits. Exoterically adapted in to the smoking industry globally, e-cigs benefits their consumer in several ways.

Benefits of e-Cigs That You Should Be Aware Of
1. Eliminates the ingestion of toxicating chemicals as found in the tobacco cigarettes. The cigs simply vaporize the nicotine liquid and it does not contain any of these harmful compounds.

2. Budget friendly. Unlike the tobacco cigarettes that had to be continuously bought, the e-cig is simply recharged and can be continuously used without any extra expenses. Consumers of the e-cigs save a lot more and are able to redirect the financial funding to be utilized elsewhere

3. Environmental friendly. The e-cigs do not produce air pollution like the traditional tobacco cigarettes and thus reduces the pollution of the air and the environment.

4. Socially adjustable. Unlike the tobacco cigarettes which do affect the serene and amiable socialization of friends, family and colleagues, the e-cigs can be smoked while socializing and create no negative reaction from those around the smoker.

5. Eliminates mouth odor. The tobacco cigarette produce an intense odor that could not be eliminated by chewing fresh gum. The e-cigs offer a better opportunity with satisfaction as one only inhales the vaporized solution and it leaves no potent smell. E-cig smokers can engage in the smoking activity and not have to worry about the smell left behind.

6. Increases security from fire dangers. E-cigs does not need to be lit in order to be consumed; it has a battery charge which produces the heating energy that vaporizes the nicotine liquid inside. Even if it is left on, the e-cig does not pose a threat of starting a fire like the tobacco cigarettes and is more secure to use.

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Poison control calls due to vapes have risen to an astounding 400 percent in Kentucky, reports said. This prompted the local poison control center to issue a warning and educate the parents that despite the nice flavor and scent of e-liquids—the nicotine can be toxic and may kill the kids.

The center is worried about the spike of calls that are related to accidental ingestion of e-liquids that are used in vaping. Vapes are unique since they feature something that normal tobacco doesn’t have. Vapes have the ability to get custom flavors which can be attractive to children and young folks. Vapes are known to sport candy flavors, watermelon, cotton candy and even chocolates.

The poison control center says that if parents want to vapes they just need to keep the liquids beyond the reach of the children. The flavorings are so tempting that some children would also rub the liquid on to the skin.

Electronic cigarettes are touted to be safer and healthier alternatives to smoking. But the nicotine that is found in vaping liquid can be dangerous especially when ingested. Children especially the young ones may mistake the vaping liquid as candy or food which could lead to poisoning and an unwarranted visit to the emergency room.

Electronic cigarettes are battery-operated devices that are designed to mimic the behavior of regular cigarettes. They work by burning the liquid inside a cartridge which contains pure nicotine. The result is a vapor that is inhaled by a vaper to deliver the nicotine via the lungs. This is the closest thing to smoking without getting exposed with the harmful chemicals that causes millions of death each year.

The World Health Organization estimated that about six million people die each year worldwide due to smoking-related diseases. Another 600,000 people die from second-hand smoking.

Smoking is a leading cause of heart disease and cancer. Smoking can also cause a myriad of diseases. About a billion people have died since the start of record keeping due to smoking said the WHO.

Poison control advocates are also calling for vaping makers to design child-proof containers to prevent young people from accidentally ingesting the liquid. This would go a long way in preventing children from becoming a poisoning victim.

Victims of unwarranted ingestion of vaping liquid often show symptoms of nausea, vomiting, flushing and sweating. There have been cases where headaches and dizziness are also reported. The main concern of poison control people is the increased heart rate due to nicotine poisoning and the corresponding rise in the blood pressure that could be fatal if left unabated.

A child that rubs the liquid onto the skin should get the affected area washed immediately. The exposure of the skin to the liquid can result to an irritation and a burning sensation again if left untreated.

Serious considerations are being eyed since there are liquids that have very strong nicotine content. Some liquids have as much as 21 mg of nicotine. A liquid with strength of 13 mg can already cause problems to the health and may cause death if left untreated or given emergency medical attention.

The cartridges are designed to contain the liquid which also has other ingredients including the flavoring, water and propylene glycol. Propylene glycol is a chemical that has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration and also found in most processed food and drinks.

Parents are advised to change the flavors of the liquid to something that is not familiar to the children. Also, teach the children not to mess with the vaping liquid for their own good. Putting the vaping liquid in a safe and secure place would also bring about better chances that the children in your home are insulated from potential accidents.

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